Epoisses and cauliflower velouté


Preparation 15 mn
                        Cooking time :20 mn

Ingredients :
(Serves 8 people)

  • Cheese: 150 gr of Epoisses AOC aged

  • 1 kg of cauliflower, remove 150 gr of the top

  • 250g leeks

  • 1/4 bunch of chervil

  • 140g butter

  • 10 cl full-fat cream

  • 3 eggs

  • 1/4 liter of milk

  • 2 liters of water

  • 140 gr flour

  • Fine and coarse salt 

The recipe:

Peel and wash the vegetables.

Slice the leeks and sweat them in a casserole (Dutch oven?).

Make a white roux to cover the white part of the leeks, then add milk (1/4 liter) and water (2 liters). Add the cauliflower. Then cook one hour over low heat.

Cook in salted boiling water or steam the tops of cauliflower.

Mix the cauliflower and leeks, then pass the soup. Boil again, add the cream and egg mix, remove from the heat once its starts simmering, then keep in a bain-marie. Adjust the seasoning.

Cut Epoisses into small cubes. Arrange the diced Epoisses on plates or in the soup bowl. Add the cauliflower tops. Then pour the boiling soup over the top. Garnish with sprigs of chervil.

Serve immediately.